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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. (WREG)— Chaos at the Helena-West Helena Arkansas Walmart lands a pharmacist in jail.

The Walmart Supercenter in West Helena Arkansas is almost always bustling with folks buying essentials or having prescriptions filled.

Thursday, however, one customer got an unexpected and frightening response from a longtime, well-known pharmacist when she came to pick up her infant daughter’s medicine.

The woman did not want to talk about the incident, but her mother does.

“She has just given the name of her daughter, to pick up the prescription, and his words were ‘You’re a demon’ and that ‘I’m going to ‘f***ing kill you,'” said Laura Wheeler.

According to Laura Wheeler’s daughter, the pharmacist started trashing the pharmacy, threw objects at the pharmacy’s plexiglass windows, and then took his unexplained rampage into the main part of the store.

“Everyone was running,” Wheeler said. “He was still cussing and kicking things. She was able to go one way. They ushered her out the door.”

Helena-West Helena Police confirmed they were called to the Walmart Thursday just after noon to a report of a subject having a “violent episode” and that multiple people received minor injuries.

Police aren’t releasing the name of the pharmacist taken into custody and told WREG he’s in the Phillips County Detention Center on a “72-hour hold” while the investigation continues and charges are determined.

In the meantime, Wheeler is left wondering what “touched the man off” and hopes Walmart will take action.

“I think that they should actually look into what the issue was to go from absolutely normal to snapping and endangering not only my daughter and her infant but everyone else that was there,” Wheeler said.

The pharmacy was open when stopped by Friday morning, but no one at the store would talk about what happened Thursday.

WREG has reached out to Walmart for a comment, but WREG has yet to hear back from them.