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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG has learned more about an Arkansas Police Officer charged with two counts of sexual assault involving a 15-year-old.

Twenty-two year-old Justin Davis had been on the Forrest City Police Department only six days when accusations against him came to light. WREG found out Davis had previously been a police officer in Marianna, Arkansas in nearby Lee County.

Forrest City Police Chief Ronald Broussard summed up his disgust with messages allegedly sent by former police officer Justin Davis to a 15-year-old St. Francis County girl.

“Very shocking…very shocking…very shocking,” Chief Ronald Broussard said, Forrest City AR Police Dept. “It was texting or messaging through messenger…one of the two…text or messenger and that’s how the mother found out.”

The victim’s mother contacted Chief Broussard after learning the 22-year-old Davis had been hired on as a Forrest City Police Officer.

“She contacted me and it was very upsetting to me…the news…and I moved on it quickly,” Chief Broussard said.

WREG learned that Justin Davis had at one time been a Marianna, Arkansas Police officer. He left his position as “nighttime” patrolman after only four months on the job.

According to the Marianna Police Chief, Davis resigned because he ‘found another job” and there were no complaints against Davis.

Chief Ronald Broussard wants the record set straight about the alleged accusations against Davis and Davis’ employment with Forrest City.

“At the time of the incident he WAS NOT an officer of Forrest City,” Chief Broussard said.

Chief Broussard has reason to believe the alleged incident happened while Davis was working in Lee County. When Davis was hired by Forrest City, he had a clean background check.

“None of that was flagged because there was [sic] nothing to flag. None of this was ever reported or ever known at that time,” Chief Broussard said.

Chief Broussard said Davis was hired November 16, and he was placed on administrative leave on November 21 pending an investigation. Davis was arrested by Arkansas State Police December 1.

Chief Broussard said that Justin Davis was still in his probationary period when he was arrested.

According to the Arkansas State Police, Justin Davis is being held at the Cross County Detention Center on a $75,000 bond.