MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Retail and tech titan Amazon says it will be adopting 20 schools in the Memphis-Shelby County School district in a deal that might generate more excitement than Prime Day.

The Amazon partnership will focus on support services at Family Resource Centers, serve as mentors and school ambassadors, offer job placement opportunities, volunteer in person at schools, and donate directly to a school or district project.

“We are excited to welcome Amazon, our district’s newest and largest official school district community partner,” said interim Superintendent Toni Williams.

The company’s goal is to have a lasting and positive impact on education.

“They knew that education was the place to make that investment and today this partnership really starts to underline how we can grow together, how we can continue to build our communities and how we can continue to focus on education,” said Ian Conyers with community engagement at Amazon.

The schools that Amazon will adopt range from elementary, middle and high schools all across the district, including:

  1. Avon Lenox High School 
  2. Booker T. Washington High School 
  3. Cordova Elementary School 
  4. Cordova Middle School 
  5. Cordova High School 
  6. Germantown Middle School 
  7. Hickory Ridge Elementary School
  8. Hickory Ridge Middle School 
  9. Jackson Elementary School 
  10. Lucie E. Campbell Elementary School 
  11. Maxine Smith STEAM Academy
  12. Mt. Pisgah Early College Middle and High
  13. Northwest Prep Academy
  14. Overton High School
  15. Ridgeway Early Learning Center
  16. Ridgeway Middle School 
  17. Ridgway High School 
  18. Sheffield Elementary School 
  19. Sheffield Career and Tech Center
  20. Sheffield High School  

Dwayne Scott, the school district’s community partnership manager, said this is the first time in the district’s history of the Adopt a School program that an organization has adopted 20 schools.

“What makes this so special again is one thing Amazon asked us was how can we help, what do you need,” said Lori Phillips, MSCS student, family and community affairs chief.

Aside from helping address the needs of the 20 adopted schools, Amazon also presented a $20,000 ‘Back to School’ donation as another sign of their commitment to public education in Memphis.

“You are going to see us. So, get used to these faces, get used to us because this is a partnership that is sealed because it’s signed, and we are here to deliver,” said Amazon public relations manager Davina Mims.