MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a traffic stop led them to one of three accused robbers who broke into a Whitehaven restaurant and forced employees to the ground at gunpoint.

On September 27, the masked robbers were caught on camera inside the Cook Out on Elvis Presley Boulevard waving guns and collecting cash drawers.

MPD said after the heist, some officers who heard a description of the suspects realized they had encountered the same men during a traffic stop an hour before the robbery in the same area.

Police said body cam footage of the stop showed three individuals in a gold four-door Mercedes Benz in clothing identical to what the robbers were wearing. Terrencio Bell, 24, was identified as the driver of the car.

Cook Out robbery suspects. Courtesy: MPD

Investigators said the victims also picked Bell out of a photo line-up as one of the men who had robbed the restaurant.

Police said Bell and the other suspects followed an employee through a side door, and after they forced all the workers to lie down, demanded all the money from the safe and registers. The robbers got away with about $4,500.

Police have not said why Bell was pulled over. He is charged with aggravated robbery and scheduled to go before a judge on Friday.