MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Calls for change are sounding across Memphis following a string of crimes targeting members of the Hispanic community.

The message comes after Memphis Police reported several armed robberies where Hispanics were specifically targeted. Among those who have also been advocating for change is Jairo Arguijo, who has been closely monitoring crimes committed against Hispanics in Memphis.

“For us to be targeted like that it is heartbreaking,” Arguijo said.

MPD said last week, they responded to multiple robberies involving Hispanic community members over a five day period. In each instance, the victims were allegedly followed, assaulted, and robbed of their valuables.

This has sparked safety concerns.

“I know that they have a tough job, and not just with the Latino community, but with Memphis in general and we know that what they are doing is appreciated but we would like for them reach out the Latino community more,” Arguijo said.

To help bridge the gap between MPD and the Hispanic community, a neighborhood watch meeting was recently held. Prior to the meeting, some spoke before the Memphis City Council about the need for change.

“Hispanics deserve the same justice that every citizen in Memphis has. We want you to tell us what you’re doing to protect us and give us the attention that we deserve,” said one community member.

“I want to make sure that our community sticks together, especially in Memphis, I think that Memphis is a growing city and we want to be a part of it just as anyone else,” Arguijo said.

Police believe that at least three to four people are connected to last week’s robberies, and they were seen in a black Infiniti that has the passenger window taped.

We have reached out to Memphis Police for additional information about this topic and are still waiting to hear back.