MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In just three days, a jailed Memphis activist will learn how long she has to stay behind bars as part of an illegal voting conviction.

Pam Moses, an activist who was jailed back in December on voter fraud charges, spoke out from behind bars about how she’s still not giving up.

“It was a harmless error, an administrative error and they have turned it into a capital case. I have been sentenced to die based on what the State of Tennessee has done,” Moses said.

“That is what they essentially have tried to do is kill me by putting me in a situation where I got Covid. I was here for 30 days and didn’t catch it. Then I caught it and I am so bad they wouldn’t keep me at the women’s jail. They got me in the men’s jail,” Moses said.

She says while other inmates with Covid have court video appearances, she wasn’t allowed to go to court last week for her hearing. She also says she couldn’t see her attorney.

“Before I tested positive for Covid, he came to the jail to try and see me. They wouldn’t allow in person visits. They always allow attorneys to do in person so I was unable to sign the pertinent documents,” Moses said.

Moses’ conviction centers around trying to vote when she is a felon stripped of her voting rights for Tampering with Evidence.

She still maintains her case is based on politics.

“What’s dangerous is a District Attorney that thinks that I belong in jail when you got murderers out there they can’t catch,” Moses said.

She says she isn’t getting the medical attention she needs.

“I am being denied things that I need basically to keep me from having an asthma attack. I am supposed to get breathing treatment everyday but I am just praying to God to get me through this,” Moses said.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office would not discuss Pam Moses’ care.

Judge Mark Ward denied her request for bond.

“If she wasn’t a range 2 offender, if she didn’t have 16 prior convictions, and she wasn’t on probation at the time she committed this crime, I’d probably be granting your request right now,”

“All of that stuff that was domestic, dealing when I was a teenager, before I was even 21, those things they keep bringing out,” Moses said.

Now Pam Moses waits, but not giving up her fight for freedom.

“God is good. In spite of everything that they have done to me, persecuting me, God is good,” Moses said.

Moses has a sentencing hearing Friday at 9 a.m.

She says after being locked up and seeing the bad conditions of the jail, she wants to help change things.