MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a woman from her house, leaving a 1-year-old alone inside the home for half the day.

The two-year manhunt has come to an end as Derrick Williams is now put behind bars.

He’s accused of a case dating back to September of 2020 where a victim was reportedly beaten unconscious while the accused attacker went on the run.

Detectives say it all started with a phone call a woman made to the victim.

That call went unanswered.

The caller then reached out to the victim’s family, who came here to the woman’s townhome off Summer Ave. Her family broke a window to get inside the house they described as ‘in disarray.’

The victim told WREG she is counting her blessings after surviving a brain injury and stroke. Sadly, she is still unable to work.

They also discovered a one-year-old child alone, in a soiled diaper. The child had been abandoned for 12 to 18 hours without food or formula, police say. WREG also learned that the victim was fostering the one-year-old found in the home.

Kenny is a Memphis father who is new to this area but was shocked to learn this happened close to his front door.

“Kids are innocent,” Kenny said.

“I look out for others too. If I see something going wrong, of course, I’m going to say something – or my wife will say something,” Kenny said.

Several neighbors like Kenny said things are usually quiet. But on that day in 2020, this typical peaceful area became pure pandemonium.

Memphis Police reached out to those in Somerville – which is where Williams reportedly lived.

It was later revealed that the car he was driving was equipped with a tracker.

Fayette County law enforcement later found the victim not far from HWY 64 ‘severely beaten and unconscious.’ Williams was nowhere to be found.

A warrant for his arrest was issued two weeks after the attack.

Two years later, Williams is now charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and child endangerment.

Williams’ bond has been set at $250,000.