MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A multi-agency raid in Orange Mound led officers to weapons, ammunition, and drugs and resulted in eight arrests.

Memphis Police say they received multiple complaints and launched an investigation into drug and gang activity at a home on Hamilton Street in Orange Mound.

Crack cocaine, ecstasy, a military-style rifle, and handguns, including one fit with a machine gun conversion device, were found at the home. In total, eight people were arrested, including three women.

Mugshots provided by the Memphis Police Department

A 69-year-old woman who wanted to remain anonymous watched as officers raided the house Thursday.

“I knew it was something crucial when I saw that Blue Crush and then they had that big, like a tanker, truck and the man standing up with his rifle,” the woman said. “One of the people they arrested came out the window, and they kind of helped him out the window and put the handcuffs on him.” 

The suspects’ ages range from 19 to 44. At least three had active warrants. All of them are facing drug and weapons charges. One has an additional theft charge.

The Multi-Agency Gang Unit launched its investigation last month after receiving multiple complaints about illegal drug and gang activity and reports of people fearing for their safety. WREG is told that the home has been a problem for years.

“When I first got here police used to be every week, twice a week used to be at that house. I don’t even know who actually lives there because it be so many different people,” the woman said.

She’s now breathing a sigh of relief that her cry for help to police didn’t go unnoticed. 

“Thank you, Lord,” she said. “I have been praying something was done about the situation because it was getting ridiculous.” 

MPD says officers also recovered a stolen Dodge Challenger from the house. The suspects are due in court on Monday.