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MEMPHIS, Tenn. –A north Memphis pawn shop is making security changes after a man pretending to be a customer stole a $7,000 diamond and gold ring.

Michael Anderson, manager of Best Pawn on Jackson, said the man came into the store wearing a medical masked and asked to look at a large men’s ring. He said as soon as an employee took the ring out of a display case, the man took off with it.

“He looked at it for a second, and then he just ran out the door. We chased him a little but stopped after it got crazy,” said Anderson.

The theft was all captured on camera. In surveillance pictures provided by Memphis police, you can see a man in a Bass Pro hat, orange hooded sweatshirt, and light blue jeans holding the ring.

Anderson said the ring should be easy for someone to identify.

“It will be easy to spot because it is a big ring. It sits high on your finger. It’s unique big and heavy,” Anderson said.

In November, a man walked away with an $8,000 diamond and gold ring from a Jewelry Store inside the Wolfchase Mall. Anderson said in the future, his employees will make sure they know who is looking at their jewelry or other expensive items.

“We’ve got some things in place that should stop that from happening,” he said. “Like require ID, and definitely, have a mask on, take the mask down so at least the camera can see you.”

Police said the suspect left in a blue sedan. If you recognize the suspect or have information that can help investigators, call CrimeStoppers at (901)- 528-CASH.