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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Seven employees of a Tennessee Starbucks who were fired after starting unionization efforts have claimed victory after their Memphis store voted to join a wave of U.S. locations of the coffee chain that have decided to organize.

The so-called Memphis Seven jumped for joy, hugged one another, and wept after a count held by the National Labor Relations Board showed an 11-3 vote Tuesday in favor of unionization of a Starbucks store near the University of Memphis.

The group has pushed for a union for months, even after their firing in February on allegations by Starbucks that they violated store security rules.

Billy Dycus, the president of the Tennessee Labor Movement, praised the Memphis Seven’s efforts and congratulated them for their win on Tuesday in the following statement:

This what solidarity looks like. Thanks to the brave workers who refused to be intimidated by a powerful union-busting corporation that used every scare tactic in the book, Memphis now has its first organized Starbucks location. Today’s vote sends clear message that we know to be true: the people united will never be defeated.

Every worker deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness on the job. A union is the single-best tool to make that idea a reality at workplaces across the country and help level the playing field. Now, it’s time for Starbucks to come to the bargaining table without delay and negotiated a fair contract that fully addresses the workers’ concerns. We are incredibly proud of the leadership, strength, and solidarity of the Memphis 7 and their supporters and welcome these new members of our Tennessee labor family.

Billy Dycus, Tennessee AFL-CIO President