MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Six people were killed and at least 11 people were injured in Memphis over Halloween weekend.

“Who passed the law to let everybody have guns. The one who did that, that’s who I blame,” said the father of one of the victims.

It’s a nightmare that’s turned into horror on the streets of Memphis and a twisted reality the 80-year-old father from North Memphis says he can’t seem to escape

“I can’t sleep, I can’t do nothing, because right now I’m scared somebody is going to try to come in,” he said.

He told WREG his home of nearly 50 years on Griggs Avenue was shot up Saturday night. Scattered glass now marks the spots where bullets pierced through the front of the house.
Police say his 35-year-old daughter was critically injured.

“One bullet went straight through her arm, and the other is in her back,” he added. “She cried out, I come running up here and she laying on the floor then.”

Our records show from Saturday to Halloween the Memphis Police Department responded to at least 12 shootings.

The youngest victim was only 3 years old.

So far, murders are down this year at 201 compared to 240 year-to-date in 2021, but most believe the havoc will only end when the terrorizers are brought to justice.

“They day coming. God, he got the last say-so,” the victim’s father said.

So far, we know one arrest has been made.