MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are searching for suspects after a burglary at Oak Hall clothing store in East Memphis.

Five burglars broke into Oak Hall on Poplar Ave just after midnight Wednesday.

According to the incident report, three suspects wearing all black, one wearing all gray clothing with an orange safety vest, and another with a red hoodie smashed out the rear-side window, cameras, and security chains.

The suspects got away with one cash register and some men’s cologne. 

Reports say they fled the scene in a dark-colored Dodge Challenger. 

“It doesn’t scare me off or make me nervous but, it’s just sad that this is going on around the city. I love Memphis, and I’m sad this is going on,” said Elliott Linhoss, a regular at the shopping center.

The burglary follows a dozen smash-and-grabs in Memphis this month, where crews targeted several clothing stores.

Linhoss believes the only thing that can slow crime in the city is to address mental health. 

“The mayor can only do so much. Politicians can only do so much. The governor can only do so much. Officers can only do so much. So, it comes down to the individual’s heart. So, that’s what I am really praying for — a change in the heart of the people,” said Linhoss.