MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three men pleaded guilty to violent carjackings and kidnappings that occurred in Memphis and Germantown last year.

Adrian Pegues, 19, Malik Malone, 18, and Alan Key, 20, entered their plea in federal court, Attorney Kevin G. Ritz announced Monday.

The crimes they allegedly committed are listed below:

July 25, 2022
Investigators determined that Pegues and Key committed a carjacking in Memphis. Pegues was reportedly armed during the incident.

December 20, 2022
Pegues and Malone reportedly kidnapped and carjacked two people and forced them to withdraw money from ATMs at gunpoint.

The first victim was kidnapped from her driveway in East Memphis, reports state. They made her drive to an ATM in Arlington and take money out of her account.

They then forced her to follow another vehicle into an apartment complex in Cordova, where they kidnapped and carjacked a second woman at gunpoint.

Records show that Pegues and Malone split up and tried to force both victims to withdraw more money from ATMs. Eventually, they made the victims drop them off in Memphis.

December 30, 2022
All three men allegedly tried to kidnap a person at the Saddle Creek Shopping Center in Germantown.

According to reports, they parked next to the victim’s vehicle and waited until she exited a store to approach her car. When she opened her door, Pegues and Malone bumped her with their car door.

They reportedly ordered her to get in the vehicle and tried to get in as well.

The victim struggled with the suspects. An armed citizen saw what was happening and intervened, causing the three men to flee the scene.

Malik Malone pleaded guilty to all of his charges and is expected to be sentenced on October 20.

Adrian Pegues pleaded guilty to 11 of the 12 charges against him. He is expected to be sentenced on December 18.

Alan Key pleaded guilty to all charges against him. He is also expected to be sentenced on December 18.