MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating after two Infinitis were stolen from the same North Memphis gas station in a span of four days.

The thefts happened at the Valero gas station on Chelsea.  Two suspects, Anthony Bratcher and Gakaylanna Sheppard, were taken into custody. A third person is still on the run.

Anthony Bratcher (L) and Gakaylanna Sheppard (R)

According to affidavits, on October 20, one victim told officers he was walking towards his Infiniti when Bratcher held him up at gunpoint and demanded his car keys.

The victim said that’s when Sheppard and another man ran out from behind a dumpster and jumped in the car with Bratcher.

The car was found parked at an apartment complex in North Memphis. It was recovered and taken to the city lot.

Four days later, another victim said he was standing next to his Infiniti when two males approached him and asked for his keys; both had handguns.

The victim said they forced him to get inside and drive his vehicle away from the gas station where Sheppard was waiting to get in. There’s no word on how the victim escaped.

The auto theft task force found the stolen vehicle later in the day on Bryan Street, not far from Valero.

MPD said when they pulled Bratcher and Sheppard over, Bratcher tried to run but was quickly arrested. Sheppard was in the passenger seat.

Both admitted to being involved in each incident at the Valero, reports state.

According to the Memphis Data Hub, Police have responded to 123 incidents within roughly 500 feet of the gas station this year including numerous thefts and assaults.

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Bratcher is charged with carjacking, evading arrest, theft of property $1,000-$2,500, employing a firearm with the intention to commit a felony, two counts of aggravated robbery and especially aggravated kidnapping.

Sheppard is charged with carjacking, two counts of aggravated robbery, employing a firearm with the intention to commit a felony and attempted aggravated kidnapping.

Sheppard is being held on a $10,000 bond. Bratcher is being held on a $111,000 bond– $100,000 for this incident, and $11,000 for two other crimes.