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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tuesday night, the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department made an arrest after they said two people were stealing from storm victims.

Tipton County Sheriff Shannon Beasley says his office has been looking for suspected opportunists who came in the form of looters.

The two people taken into custody were accused of stealing scrap metal from a property owner on Junior Drive– one of the hardest-hit areas in Covington.

“Let me tell you, that’s probably some of the only possessions left that these people have and when you leave the roadway and go onto their property to get it, you’re stealing. Period. I told you you’d go to jail and I made an example of the two last night,” said Sheriff Beasley during Wednesday’s press conference.

Photo via Sherrif Shannon Beasley’s Facebook Page

Sheriff Beasley posted on Facebook saying, “Maybe I wasn’t clear, so I will say it louder for those in the back. We will not tolerate you stealing from our storm victims… I expressed my sincere thoughts on those preying on our victims yesterday. If you don’t want to listen, that’s on you.”

Sheriff Beasley said he has a warning for others hoping to capitalize on someone else’s misery after the storms.

“If you’re going to be out here scrapping and grabbing this metal, you better have permission. Permission is the one word you need to understand because if you don’t have it, you’re going to jail. Bare with us, don’t come taking these people. We’re not going to tolerate it,” he said.

He said the two suspects came from another county. Their names have not been released at this time.