Local truck drivers help I-55 crash victim’s wife

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MARION, Ark. — One of the victims in Tuesday’s horrific crash on I-55 near Marion, Arkansas that killed three people remains in critical condition in Memphis.

His wife is nearly a thousand miles away in Ontario and has been financially unable to travel to see her husband. But that could soon change.

Memphian Dawn Durham, a driver for Werner Enterprises, saw our story abut Jessica Falco unable to see her husband, Antonio Falco, because his company’s insurance wouldn’t cover the trip.

“We decided we were going to do something.”

She and fellow driver Barbara Rutherford started a GoFundMe account to help raise money for Jessica’s trip to Memphis. Durham says truckers are always eager to help when the “chips are down.”

“It doesn’t matter who you work for. We’re truck drivers, we’re all out here doing the same job. It’s a dangerous job. Sometimes that all you have, is other truck drivers.”

Jessica says she feels the love and support all the way to Hamilton, Ontario.

“I greatly appreciate it. It’s very Christian of them to help us with everything. I’m overwhelmed with the compassion.”

She says every minute she’s away, her husband’s condition worsens.

“From what we heard it’s the leg. They will need to operate. If the swelling doesn’t go down his leg might be amputated.”

Antonio’s mother, Marie Sanderson, says her new found friends on the road are really angels.

“It’s a family that never knew you had. I thank God for all you people. I think it’s amazing.”

If you want to donate to help Jessica click here.

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