Local sergeant creates augmented reality headset concept

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis military sergeant is working with developers to complete a project that will help with aircraft maintenance and operations.

You’ve probably heard of Shark Tank. But what about Spark Tank? The concepts are the same.

“The judges were the Secretary of the Air Force, The Chief of Staff of the Air Force and one of the Vice Presidents of Google,” Senior Master sergeant and Spark Tank winner, Powell Crider said.

Yep, you heard it right. Google.

Crider’s project was chosen by the Secretary of the Air Force and funded to move forward.

We tried it out ourselves. The augmented reality concept allows those in the military to work more efficiently and gives them a chance to do the same work with less movement.

“You’re looking and then you’re working, and you have to look down at the computer and then go back to work. Imagine if your instructions are floating right in front of you, like a teleprompter?” Crider said.

It’s all close up. Right in front of your eyes. And it isn’t just a headset, the information can be delivered to any digital device.

Crider says this is not a new military concept. But it’s one that was never brought to life. “It first started being talked about back in the 1980’s. It kind of grew into its own in the 90’s. The technology just wasn’t there. But now that all the pieces are there. He’s hoping it expands beyond Memphis.

Crider says he doesn’t have a time frame as to when the project will be completed. But his group will continue working to add new features and hopefully share this with those around the world.

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