Local Navigators Still Seeing Problems With Affordable Care Act

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(Memphis) At the beginning of the October when folks in Memphis started signing up for the government health insurance, they were met with a lot of problems.

There weren’t enough workers trained to help them and the website wouldn’t work properly.

Now, 29 days later, Christ Community Health Services claims it has enough people trained, but the website is still giving them problems.

Some people consider that first day of sign-ups a disaster, and since then Christ Community Health Director of Health Support Services Amanda Chandler has been training Obamacare navigators nonstop.

“The last three to four weeks we have taken great measures to make sure we have plenty of people in all of our sites ready to help individuals,” said Chandler.

But enrollment started before then, so News Channel 3 asked Chandler why those people weren’t in place before the healthcare roll-out.

“I think there was a lot of confusion between all the different types of assisters, you have your certified application counselors, the navigators, and there are all types of different training required,” said Chandler.

Navigators at Seedco say people are showing interest, but so far no one has come to sign up.

“I think people are reading a lot into it. They think it’s a whole whole lot, but it’s not,” said Seedco navigator Tamara Lott.

Navigators at Christ Community Health Services say because of the inconsistency of the website people can fill out paper applications and send them in, but because of that there is no way for them to tell how many of their people actually go through the whole process.

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