Local leaders want new ASD Superintendent to be from Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “Shelby County Schools is my choice, but as a parent I didn’t have a choice,” said School Board Representative Stephanie Love.

She said she remembers the day she found out her son’s school was taken over by the Achievement School District.

She was frustrated by the limited communication, and hoped whoever took over as Superintendent put an end to that.

She believed Nashville should look for a replacement from right here in Memphis.

“It would make perfect sense. It would have made better sense 4 years ago. To have people who knew the community to come in to the community and try to turn these schools around,” she said.

Chris Barbic announced he would be stepping down as the Superintendent soon, and that had many local community leaders paying attention.

Marron Thomas hoped the folks in Nashville listened to them.

“How awesome would it be to have a great indigenous leader? That’s the main concern,” he said.

Thomas said leadership was what this community needed.

He worked with kids who have attend all the different ASD Charter Schools.

He witnessed their needs on a daily basis.

“Their needs right now are love, consistency, people who care. People who see this not as a job but a calling,” said Love.

Love said she knows parents were nervous about all this change but said it’s time families stepped in and took charge of their kids’ education.

“You hold that Superintendent & the powers to be accountable for your child’s education. If you don’t say anything the status quo will continue,” she said.

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