Local leaders address chaos after deadly officer-involved shooting in Frayser

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From the mayor, to an activist county commissioner, prominent Memphians are responding to Wednesday night’s chaos in Frayser.

It happened after US Marshals shot and killed 20-year-old Brandon Webber, a fugitive who allegedly attacked them as they tried to arrest him on multiple warrants.

Police Director Mike Rallings claims his officers handled a violent mob appropriately. “I want to again commend our officers on showing enormous restraint,” he said. Protesters damaged buildings and MPD squad cars while throwing cement blocks and bricks at officers in riot gear.

Mayor Jim Strickland commended Memphis police officers on how they responded to the chaos. More than 30 of them were hurt in the line of duty.

“Law enforcement was being physically attacked and they kept their cool.”

Shelby County Commissioner, and activist, Tami Sawyer, says some officers overstepped. “We have to hold ourselves accountable, and we have to hold police accountable.”

She appeared on “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” Thursday to address the unrest in Frayser and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s probe in the shooting.

Both Strickland and Rallings are eager to see what the TBI’s investigation reveals, but both of them are asking for patience.

Rallings is increasing patrols in Frayser to maintain peace. He says officers won’t disrupt any demonstrations or rallies as long as things don’t turn violent.

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