Local karate kid wins first in national championship

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It usually takes a lot of years to master the art of almost anything, but don’t tell that to Sea Isle Elementary fourth-grader Joydyn Philmore.

This 10-year-old karate kid is also a national karate champ.

“We practiced, and most of the people in my division were shorter than me, and I thought I had an advantage,” she said.

Her advantage and skills had her competing last weekend in the U.S.A Karate National Championship in Chicago. She won first place and is now ranked No. 1  in the country in her age division.

Her family and those at Sea Isle Elementary could not be any prouder.

“It just makes me proud that she’s able to stick to something and be the best at it. I don’t force her to do it. It’s what she wants to do,” her father said.

“She not only excels in karate, but she excels academically and socially as well. It’s exciting to see her go out and do something she enjoys, have fun doing it and be successful at it,” Rene Meaks said.

Philmore is a purple belt at Rev Wind Martial Arts on Quince Road and for two years has been putting in the hard work to be a champion. She trains by running two miles, does 750 jump ropes and fights higher belts with her eyes focused on the 2020 Olympics.

“Karate is now in the Olympics 2020, and if Joydyn continues we are going to the Olympics definitely,” Jennifer Phoenix Bonapart said.

Philmore is a good student, karate kid and champ who’s using her brain, hands and feet to take down anything that stands in her way.

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