Local gyms take precautions as coronavirus spreads

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the coronavirus spreads, many are asking if it’s safe to go to the gym.

Some cities like New York and Los Angeles have ordered these facilities closed, but here in Memphis, some gyms are closing on their own while others are staying open to let you exercise at your own risk.

Classes at Sherika Fitness are still going strong. The faithful few are showing up to the small private fitness facility while others take advantage of virtual workouts, logging on to Facebook for her live streams.

“For some of my clients who are paying clients but are not coming to the gym, and I don’t want them to go without the feeling and vibe and the energy they get right here at our facility,” Sherika Holmes said.

People sharing equipment, dripping in sweat, make gyms a perfect place for the coronavirus to spread and fester.

Holmes’ knock out plan for that is wiping, spraying and consistent cleaning.

“As a business owner, I’m hiring more help to assist with cleaning, making sure that clients make sure they know the proper way to clean the equipment,” she said.

Some gyms aren’t taking any chances. Chains like LA Fitness closed nationwide. Others like Orange Theory in Germantown said they’re open through tomorrow but playing it by ear after that.

Planet Fitness is also offering free online classes, even to non-members, during this time.

Experts say use your best judgement when it comes to going to the gym. Those who live in areas with more coronavirus cases, those over 60 and people with underlying health conditions might want to try working out at home for a while.

“I have noticed a drop-off to be honest, and to be honest it seems like people are practicing the social distancing. We’re not being so close together. There’s some space between the treadmills,” said Bill, a member at Planet Fitness, one of the few big fitness chains still open.

Some members told us they’re willing to take health risks now in hopes of having better health later.

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