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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Nike’s decision to make former NFL star Colin Kaepernick the face of their new campaign has caused controversy across the nation.

Now, some citizens in Marshall County, Mississippi are wondering what one elected official may have meant by sharing a picture of Kaepernick next to Osama Bin Laden on social media.

According to Facebook, Marshall County Constable Don Cothern re-posted the picture that reads, “If Bin Laden had a son.”

We reached out to Marshall County officials who told us they can’t comment on this. They directed us to speak directly to Cothern about the post on his personal Facebook page, where the post was shared.

We stopped by Cothern’s house to see what he meant by sharing that post.

Kaepernick has made headlines for kneeling during the National Anthem during his time as a professional football players. Some called that unpatriotic.

The comparison itself draws attention. But so does who posted it.

“It don’t fit. It doesn’t fit at all as far as I’m concerned,” resident, Albert Griffin said. “My man, he’s trying to do something to keep people from treating people wrong.”

He says the two have no business being grouped together.

“This guy, he’s a terrorist,” Griffin said, referring to Bin Laden, Al Qaida’s leader. The group is known for making threats against the U.S. and initiating threats and attacks.

Resident Gail Brooks says maybe the post wasn’t that deep and might not have anything to do with Cothern’s personal opinion.

But she says regardless, as an elected official it’s best to steer clear of the controversy.

“If they put you in office, you have to be careful. Just stay out of it,” she said.