Local church to host Expungement Clinic in Binghampton

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ā€” Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk Heidi Kuhn says her staff will be on hand at this Saturday’s Expungement Clinic to help persons wanting to get a fresh start.

“We want to make sure that people have opportunities for second chances,” she said. “This gives them an opportunity to get things off their case, or off their file. So that maybe they can go to school or they can get a job, get a loan or just better themselves.”

Clerks will only be checking your eligibility for expungement. There are still a lot of requirements you should know before you go.

“You can’t have more than a Class E felony or two on your record with a misdemeanor. You have to have finished all your terms of your offense, have all your fines and fees paid and there are several others,” Kuhn said.

A complete list of requirements can be found on the criminal court clerks website.

Kuhn stresses this is the first step to expungement, which can only be granted through the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

We’re told the AG’s office receives 25 to 30 applications a month. It averages about five being granted a week in general sessions and criminal court.

The clinic, hosted by Greater Pleasant Hill M.B. Church, will be held at the Binghampton Community Life Center.

“When this clinic was announced to the church, a lot of people was excited about it. Because they were saying they were having trouble with getting employed,” church member Keise Rone said.

“I think that a lot of times people don’t understand that their past can stop them from going forward into a future,” Kuhn said.

Unlike an event in October 2019, the Expungement Clinic will not deal with reinstating drivers licenses. You can also apply for expungement on the Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk’s website.

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