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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — You can now find The Power Cats on a shelf near you and it`s not your typical novel.

“Eight power cats they journey through habitats to find the dark leader and defeat him.”

Meet Saanvi Kumar.

The Campus Elementary School fourth grader is the author of the more than 350-page novel. It was published before she celebrated her 10th birthday in April.

She told WREG her fiction novel about courage took about nine months to write.

“I decided one day since I was reading a lot maybe I could write a story, but I never knew it was going to be a book.”

“Did you know it was going to explode into something like that?” asked WREG’s Shay Arthur.

“No!” exclaimed Saanvi.

Saanvi went on to say she gained inspiration from other books she has enjoyed in the past. She used her imagination to create the concept behind The Power Cats, but also credited what she’s learned in the classroom.

“In third grade our teacher taught us in your book, in the story or something there should be—the reader should be able to taste, smell, hear, see,” she said.

Saanvi`s father first noticed his daughter was up to something after she took a typing class in third grade.

“She started asking us ‘Can I borrow your computer?’ She had just learned typing so we thought yes it`s good practice for her,” said Santosh Kumar.

Soon her parents realized she was writing a story, but Saanvi wasn`t ready for adult eyes to see her work yet.

“We said ‘Okay, what is it about?’ ‘I can`t show you right now.’ So she kept writing, and then over summer break kept writing and then asked us to borrow our computer, we said ‘Fine.'”

Eventually Saanvi let her parents have a read.

A local publisher liked her story and the rest is history.

Saanvi`s father said the process is a good lesson that all children have gifts and it`s important to encourage their strengths.

“She has this hobby and different kids have different hobbies and it`s certainly allowing and encouraging them to continue to first, do well in school and then support them to do something meaningful for society.”

Saanvi said she isn’t done yet.

She’s in the process of writing a follow up to her latest release.

When she’s not writing, Saanvi enjoys running and playing with Legos. Her favorite subject is math and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can help people.

Her book is available online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.