SCS chief: School employee cleared to return to work after quarantine

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County Schools employee who had been quarantined after potential exposure to coronavirus has been cleared to return to work by health officials, SCS Superintendent Joris Ray said Wednesday.

The employee at Treadwell Elementary and Middle schools had been placed on a 14-day cautionary quarantine late Sunday after contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient. The employee had not exhibited any symptoms and health officials said Monday that there was no risk to the community.

Ray said the employee would be allowed to return to work after spring break to have time to recover from "this very traumatizing ordeal."

Shelby County Health Department director Alisa Haushalter said the 14-day quarantine started at the time of potential contact. She said she was confident her staff had tracked the person's contacts.

Haushalter, speaking during the first of what she said would be weekly briefings by the health department, said there still was only one confirmed case of coronavirus in the area.

She said about 80 people were under self-quarantine in the area. There are nine confirmed cases in the state of Tennessee.

As for people traveling, Hausahalter said people should avoid places where there’s active transmissions of disease.

Across the country, music festivals and sporting events are getting postponed or even cancelled to avoid exposing large crowds to the pandemic.

Officials wouldn’t rule out any scenario regarding local events, including Grizzlies home games or Memphis in May.

 “We are having conversations with the city as well as the hospitality industry, working with them to determine the right choice for Memphis and Shelby County," she said.


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