Citizens rally for prison reform across state of Mississippi

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JACKSON, Miss. — People across Mississippi gathered Friday at the State Capitol to demand better living conditions in state prisons.

People from different walks of life gathered to share a loud and clear message with Mississippi state leaders: they are ready to see action being made to reform the state's prison system.

"No justice, no peace" was the slogan repeated in front of the Mississippi State Capitol building Friday afternoon.

Former inmates, activists and family members of active and deceased inmates shared their concerns about the Mississippi prison system after 10 inmates have died across the state.

"Who will be the voice for the voiceless because they have been broken down and beaten and abused," one person at the rally said.

"People quick to tell me I'm a convicted felon or the nice term now, I'm a returning citizen," Tyrone Moore said. "No, i'm Tyrone Moore, and i'm from Jackson, Mississippi."

"I fight for the ones who can't fight for themselves," another person said. "I speak for the ones who don't want to speak up. I am the one that goes against bullies, and America is nothing but a big bully."

The rally, organized by Memphis- based rapper Yo Gotti, Jay-Z's Team Roc and several other organizations comes a day after Gov. Tate Reeves said he plans to improve the living conditions across the prison system, specifically in the state penitentiary in Parchman.

People from across the South, some even from Tennessee, showed up to show their support in what they are calling a "humanitarian crisis."

"No matter what these people may or may not have done, these are my fellow human beings," said Edith Love with the Tennessee Poor People's Campaign. "These are my brothers and sisters and siblings. They don't deserve this."

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