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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — The attorneys for the family of Ismael Lopez showed us pictures they say prove the door of Lopez’s home was closed when police fired their weapons.

They say one photo shows the bullet that went through the door, hit a back wall and went out the back of the house. They believe the bullets came at an angle as police stood to the side of the door.

Another graphic picture shows the spot were Lopez’s body was found. Attorney say it’s the only place blood was found in the home.

“You can track the trace of the bullets. Three bullets went into that door and the door was shut when those bullets went into the door.  My investigative team has concluded it was direct line. There were three bullets. There is no way the door was cracked open and someone was there,” says the family’s attorney, Murray Wells.

Police have said that Lopez cracked the door and pointed a gun at them.

The attorneys want justice for Ismael Lopez’s family, saying he was good man.

WREG also spoke with the girlfriend of the man police were really looking for that night, Samuel Pearman. She is devastated that police went to the wrong house and shot Lopez who she called a friend.

“He has always protected me, always. And now he is dead because Southaven Police shot him. That was good man,” says the woman.

The attorneys for the Lopez family also say a neighbor heard everything that happened that night. They say that neighbor never heard any verbal commands from police before shots were fired.

The family has not filed a lawsuit yet, but that is still a possibility.

Samuel Pearman

Pearman remained at large following the shooting, but U.S. Marshals took him into custody at a family member’s home. He was being held at Tate County Jail until released on bond and faces domestic violence charges.