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Memphis FRINGE Festival

A new Memphis festival is teaching high school students a lesson about acceptance and inclusion. Alice Berry talks about the 12 shows that you can check out over two weekends at the upcoming Memphis FRINGE Festival, starting this weekend.

Protecting your eyes

Photokeratitis is something you may have never heard of or even thought was possible. It’s when you have a sunburn on your eye.

Doctor Warren Johnson has some tips on how to protect your eyes.

Memphis Fashion Week

If you have a passion for fashion you need to check out Memphis Fashion Week, a one of a kind event where you can see the hottest styles hit the runway and even stag some for yourself.

Rajun Cajun Festival

The Rajun Cajun Festival kicks off this weekend and it is sure to be a good time. Rob Hughes with Porter Leath is here with Chef Gary Williams to give us a little preview.