Live at 9: Strickland’s re-election announcement, honoring Dr. King & cooking

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Strickland announces re-election bid

It’s official. After teasing us during his visit last week, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland announced his official re-election bid on Tuesday.

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, Jan. 15 would have been Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior’s 90th birthday. As we do each year, the community will honor his life and legacy this month by giving back.

Cholesterol study in Memphis

Could a powdered drink be the key to lowering your cholesterol and keeping certain diseases at bay? A new study right here in the Mid-South needs 200 people to participate in a clinical trial to find out.

Author Chat with Dr. David Allen

For parents, your children will always be your children no matter their age. But for adult children it’s not always easy to deal with an overbearing or demanding parent.

Doctor David Allen’s new book aims to help with that.

Cooking: Beans, Greens and Cornbread

Beans, greens and cornbread! For many they’re staples at the dinner table, and this weekend they’re taking center stage at a competition in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.

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