Live at 9: Sarah Simmons, City of Memphis pay raises & helping homeless vets

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City council members talk city budget

The city council is expected to pass the budget on Tuesday and one thing it will impose is a pay raise for City of Memphis employees.

Patrice Robinson and Edmund Ford talked about that on Live at 9.

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Make a Difference Monday

More than half a million people are homeless in the U.S. and more than 10 percent of those are veterans. That's why Operation Stand Down exists: to make a difference in the daily lives of homeless veterans, whether it's helping them get health care, legal advice, or housing.

Nancy Harper is with the organization and Kevin Ferrell is a veteran who has been helped by the organization.

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'Catsberger': Providing an understanding of Autism and Asperger's

The down days of summer are a perfect time for parents to get their kids up to speed on skills needed for school success. If your child has learning differences, there might be extra things you can do.

Chrissie Kahan is an assistant principal who focuses much of her time working with students who need special learning plans. Her newest book "Catsberger" gives young children a special understanding of Autism and Asperger's.

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Music with Sarah Simmons

Memphian Sarah Simmons continues to impress critics three years after her appearance on "The Voice".  Her latest single dropped just days ago, and it addresses an urgent issue in America: addiction.

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