Live at 9: Orange Mound, Susan Casey, Kobe Bryant scam alert & Noah Glenn

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Reviving Orange Mound

An effort to revive the historic neighborhood of Orange Mound faces a number of challenges, but that’s not stopping Shelby County Assessor Melvin Burgess from throwing in the towel.

Thieves target fans after Bryant’s death

Authorities issued a warning after the deaths of former NBA star Kobe Bryant and eight others.  Randy Hutchinson from the Better Business Bureau joins us with more on how thieves are now targeting fans.

Author Chat with Susan Casey

Coming to terms with the death of sibling is no easy task no matter your age. Author Susan Casey brings the stories of others who’ve lost siblings to the pages of her new book.

Interview with Noah Glenn

Podcaster Noah Glenn is channeling his inner child. Find out how he got started and what he hopes to accomplish with this not so typical podcast.

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