Live at 9: Larry Dodson, City Council controversy & Su Casa Family Ministries

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City Council controversy

We have some controversy over the future of Memphis City Council.  Three council members are running for county positions in this upcoming election. However, a law states that the members have 90 days to resign from their positions due to this election.   If they resign, then the election commission could hold a special election to replace those seats.
If they don’t resign then it would be up to City Council to replace those three seats.

People living in Memphis said it should be the citizens who decide who fills those seats.

Su Casa Family Ministries

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for those working to help immigrants settle successfully in the country, but current events show us that their work is more important than ever.

Michael Phillips is executive director of Su Casa Family Ministries in Memphis. He stopped by with Daniel Pollorena.

‘Slow Your Roll’: The art of mindfulness

If there was one medicine that costs you nothing, and would help you reduce anxiety, improve your sleep, help you concentrate and get along better with others would you take it?

Mindfulness coach Greg Graber’s new book “Slow Your Roll” can help you use mindfulness to improve your life. He’s taught it to the Grizzlies, the Tigers and a number of other college teams.

Larry Dodson’s new career

You know him from his legendary role as the lead singer for “The Bar Kays.” While he’s retired, that doesn’t mean he’s not busy. In fact, Larry Dodson recently started a new career on stage.

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