Live at 9: Graber Grass, Watercooler Wednesday & cooking with Clint Cantwell

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Music with Graber Grass

Graber Grass has played across the Mid-South and even appeared on Live at 9 just last month. While in studio, they recorded a second song called “When The Water Is Low.”

Watercooler Wednesday

Should the city of Memphis develop more communal living spaces? In big cities like San Francisco where housing is expensive places are starting to just rent rooms and people living there share restrooms and kitchens and any other living space. Do you think this type of thing should be applied to the Memphis area to help promote growth?

Next, social media is having its say after a Michigan woman posted her manager’s response to time off after learning her son would be put on life support.She told the woman she would be needing some time off until she finds out what is wrong with her son or when he is off life support, but her boss did not accept this. She said her refusal to come to work signaled to her the mother was quitting.

Some people agree with the woman’s boss and some are taking woman’s side.

How do we feel about this? Should the manager be more understanding or should the woman just head to work?

Finally, a photo of a Wisconsin dad “breast feeding” is also making waves on social media.

According to reports, the mother experienced complications during labor and couldn’t breast feed right away so the dad stepped in to take her place. The hospital used a fake nipple shield, feeding tube and syringe to feed the child.

This is something new but what are some other ways dads could be stepping up?

Cooking with Clint Cantwell

There’s still time to take your fourth of July celebration to the next level and we have just the guy to help you do it. Clint Cantwell, the “mad scientist of grilling”, has some tips that are sure to impress.

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