Live at 9: Dr. James Netters, looking past race & the Memphis Farmer’s Market

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Memphis pastor retires

A Memphis pastor who worked behind the scenes to workout an agreement during the Sanitation Workers Strike of 1968 is now stepping down. He served as one of the top pastors in town for nearly five decades.

Dr. James Netters worked along side Dr. Martin Luther King and is here in the studio with Dr. Melvin Watkins.

Looking past skin color

One man is going out of his way to make peace with people who are against him for the color of his skin. He befriends white supremacists in hopes he can show them that race is not an issue.

Darryl Davis and Scott Shepherd talk about how they became close friends on Live at 9.

Memphis in May Honorary Country: Czech Republic

Memphis in May is now less than a month away, but some Mid-South students got an early start on all the festivities.
They traveled to the Czech Republic — this year’s honored country — to act as the festival’s ambassadors.

Osarugue Otebele, Ethan Ferguson and Susan Elliot talk about the experience.

Cooking with the Memphis Farmers Market

The Memphis Farmer’s Market opens for the season this weekend and returns with all new hours and a new executive director.

Rebecca Dull and Rizzo’s chef Michael Patrick shows us a delicious dish we can easily make at home with food at the event.

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