Live at 9: Crosswalk plan, school vaccinations, Chef Franco & Hatchie Fall Fest

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Groups join forces to keep kids safe

A pair of Mid-South organizations are working to keep the Grahamwood area safe for children walking to school after a crossing guard was recently hit by a car, and they want all area neighborhoods to follow suit. Here to explain how, Laura Rogers with the Grahamwood PTO and Chris Jones from ioby

The importance of school vaccinations

It’s often a struggle to make sure parents are following state laws and having their students vaccinated. Shawn Page and Karmeisha Johnson with Shelby County Schools discussed why it’s so important, how they are making it easier to get vaccinated and the issues with not getting your children immunized.

Cooking with Chef Franco

Homemade ravioli isn’t just for high-end restaurants or for those with a lot of time on their hands. Chef Franco Contaldo was here to show you how easy it truly is in the Studio B kitchen. Recipe: FI Ravioli Pere e Pecorino

The Hatchie Fall Fest

The city of Brownsville is getting ready for a weekend of music, crafts and a whole lot of fun. Sonia Outlaw Clark and John Fee stopped by to give us a preview of the music you’ll hear at the Hatchie Fall Fest.

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