Live at 9: CPR, The Illusionists & Graber Brass

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Three Things: Improving your work situation

U.S. political leaders like to talk about an unemployment rate that is under four percent. That’s the official number. However there is another number labor leaders need to talk about: what’s called the hidden unemployment rate.

Rep. Barbara Cooper and Logan Martinez with the National Jobs for All Coalition explains what that is and three things you can do to improve your work situation.

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Teaching others CPR

Doctors estimate that more than 300,000 lives can be saved every year in the U.S. if more of us learn CPR. Four Memphis middle schoolers are leading the way: their team is one of five finalists in a national competition for a project they did that helped teach sixth graders how to do CPR.

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The Illusionists

Lots of magicians can impress the public, but in Kevin James you have a magician's magician, whose illusions impress the likes of David Copperfield, Doug Henning, and even Penn and Teller.

He's the inventor of The Illusionists, which will be showing at the Orpheum Theater this weekend.

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Bluegrass in the Beer Garden

There are close to 2,000 people in Memphis who live mostly on the streets and the three-quarters of the city's shelters stay 90 percent full all the time. That's why advocates for the homeless are thankful for people like Martin Johnson and his co-workers at St. Mary's Catholic Church's soup kitchen. They serve about 1,200 meals ever week and now they need your help keeping that mission alive.

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