Lime electric scooters may add technology to detect if riders are drunk

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MEMPHIS, Tenn — Could those popular electric scooters we see cruising the streets soon protect riders that may have had too much to drink?

Brad Bao, the co-founder and executive chairman of Lime, told technology news outlet The Verge they’re working on adding features that would detect an inebriated person driving a scooter and we’re not talking about a breathalyzer.

He said part of the technology being developed are special sensors in the scooter that would slow it down if irregular driving is detected.

Bao told The Verge some of the sensors can detect whether the scooter is driving in a straight line or wobbling.

He went on to say they’re still working on the data and it has not yet been launched.

Jeremy Kudrna utilizes e-scooters, the new mode of transportation taking over downtown Memphis.

The medical student will be spending the next month here in Memphis for one of his ophthalmology rotations.

” I don’t have a car so I’ll be doing it maybe a couple times a week.”

The scooter crucial to his commute. He welcomed the news of drunk driving sensors.

” I think it’s a good use of technology. I think it’s smart. I think with any new technology I think it’s important to be ethical about how you’re making those innovations. “

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