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(Memphis) Since the City of Memphis started issuing new photo library cards,  2,466 people signed up for one.  

To obtain one, present identification showing who you are and where you live.

The City spent more than $60,000 for the equipment and software needed to produce the cards.

The Photo I.D. became a hot legal issue after the City said it could be used for voter identification.

The state objected.

The city fought back and finally a high court ruled the library I.D. is valid for voting though there is a petition before the TN Supreme Court.

Through Election Day, people lined up to get the card.

“All the up til the day before election day and election day.On actual election day we issued 160 cards,” says White.  “Many of our customers do not drive. They do use public transportation and depend on it. So if they don’t have a driver’s license, this Photo I.D.  is a perfect opportunity  for them to be able to have a photo they can use for various purposes.” 

The library Photo I.D. is available at almost any branch of the library during open hours.

It is free unless you live outside Shelby County.

It can be  used to check out books and video and use all library services.

Last year,  35,312 people signed up for regular library cards.

So far this year 28,534 cards have been issued, that includes the new Photo I.D.  Cards.