New Jerry’s Sno Cones opens

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Despite the heat, families gathered to welcome Jerry’s Sno Cones’ new location on Bonnie Lane in Cordova.

Current owner David  Acklin said he is proud to be opening another one of their “family-oriented” snow cone shacks.

“My biggest hope is that people come, families come and have a good time,” Acklin said.

That’s what Germain Lewis and his son Kolby plan to do, now that they live within walking distance from the shack.

“It’s a great place to sit down and eat with your friends and eat snow cones,” Kolby said.

The opening of the new location is within a week of Jerry’s Sno Cones 50th anniversary of their original location on Wells Station in Berclair.

Acklin said he hopes the visitors will, “Enjoy it, slow down a little bit, put their cell phone up and write on a the new ‘Before I die’ wall.”

The ‘Before I die’ wall is a chalk wall that allows visitors to finish the statement, “Before I die…”.

The new location also features an indoor eating area, two garage doors that open as the temperatures cool, an outdoor patio and all of Jerry’s popular treats.

Rash-nia Wright, a New Orleans native, said she’s happy to have Jerry’s Sno Cones closer to home to get what she calls ‘Snowballs.’

“A lot of the flavors are similar to the flavors down in New Orleans so that’s why I love it,” Wright said.

Atkins said he’s grateful for his family, for the opportunity to finally open a new location, and God.

“It’s special to me. I love Memphis and be a part of Memphis, and let’s bring it up.”


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