Left-behind sock helps officers find car theft suspect

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A person stole a Raleigh woman’s car right out of her driveway Wednesday, and police found the suspect thanks to a sock left behind.

Kandria Bell turned her car on around 10 p.m. Wednesday night to warm it up before driving to work. She left it running in her driveway with they keys inside, and when she came outside just minutes later, the car was gone.

Greg Taylor, who lives nearby, said he felt bad for Bell, but he said he would never leave his keys in his running car.

“I’m outside with it,” he said. “In a split second, it could be gone.”

Shelby County Sheriff deputies said Keshun Flemming jumped in Bell’s running car and drove off.

Luckily, Bell uses a GPS tracking service and was able to find the car in a section of Appian Cove, only a few minutes away from her house. Deputies searched the car and happened to see the suspect on a nearby street corner.

On him, they allegedly found the keys and a sock, which matched a sock they found in the vehicle. These findings led to Flemming’s arrest, and he was charged with theft.

“That’s good,” Taylor said. “One less criminal on the street. But hey, one down and however many more to go.”

Bell got her car back, and Taylor hopes Flemming can turn his life around.

“People choose their lives,” Taylor said. “They know when they’re doing wrong. They know what’s right. So, my suggestion to him is do right, and his life will be better.”


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