Leaders demand answers as some Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries remain closed


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It’s been months since Arkansas’ medical marijuana program began and some dispensaries still haven’t opened.

The problem industry leaders said is that they are trying to plan for the next fiscal year, and next week, the applications for dispensary licenses are due.

There are 16 licensed dispensaries that never opened last year. Three of them are in West Memphis.

Leaders are trying to figure out what’s holding them up.

Members of the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission said those who were awarded licenses should be responsible for getting those business open.

“Obviously, the commission is very concerned with patient care and making sure that the people who have been awarded licenses start operating and using those licenses to provide the care throughout the state.”

In just over a week, commissioners are supposed to renew dispensary licenses. It’s not clear whether the dispensaries that haven’t opened will be allowed to continue.



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