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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — First Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham caught the heat after a computer system update caused headaches. Now the hunt continues as a team of attorneys are going after the Shelby County government over the chaos.

In early November, WREG told you about people spending several days in jail after posting bond, being picked up multiple times for resolved warrants and the overcrowding issues caused by system issues just days after the new changes.

“It cost me my job,” said Robert Colucci.

When police took Colucci away from his home in cuffs after an argument with his wife he had no idea his entire life would change.

For 3 days Colucci sat clueless. He told WREG the county’s switch to a new system is to blame.

“Basically it was like I wasn’t there. They weren’t trained on the new system — couldn’t tell me nothing,” said Colucci.

“I’d ask what I was charged with. They couldn’t tell me. No one knows how to access the new system.”

Colucci said for two days he slept on the cold hard ground of a holding cell with 70 other men unable to even make a phone call to let his family know he was okay.

“If I could have got out 2 hours earlier I could have kept my job.”

When minutes mattered he said he was hung out to dry. Colucci’s bonding process took a full 24 hours — a far cry from the standard few.It was a delay once again reportedly caused by the new system.

Dozens also made the same complaint saying the system fiasco cost them something if not everything.

“She was no longer able to breast feed her baby she lost that bond the ability to do what was natural,” said Attorney Beth Brooks.

Brooks is talking about a mother who witnessed a crime, ended up being arrested during the system mix up and while in custody her breast milk dried up.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve only seen anything like this on google,” added Brooks.

The countless stories have led Brooks to team up with other attorneys to sue the Shelby County government all in hopes of restoring the dignity they believe their clients were robbed of because of a faulty system.