Lauderdale County jail employees fear inmates getting too much freedom

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Tenn. — Employees working inside of Lauderdale County’s jail fear that trustees are getting way too much freedom while on the inside doing time.

WREG’s Troy Washington got her hands on documents that seem to back up those worries.

Trusted sources say trustees roam freely and unsupervised in the jail. We found one instance that proves just how much freedom some inmates might have.

An affidavit reveals that Lauren Jackson, who wasn’t doing time, was able to meet up with Michael Mims, who was an inmate at the time.

According to documents, Jackson got into the jail through the boiler room, climbed a ladder and went to the rooftop of the justice center to meet Mims.

The two spent 30 minutes together but its not clear what they were up to.

WREG went to Jackson’s house and tried to ask her what the two were doing up there —how she made it past security, and how Mims managed to slip off and join her, though he was supposed to be under supervision.

She just wanted to know how we found out.

“I don’t have no comment on that so y’all can roll out. I am not answering your questions,” she said.

Jackson was charged with criminal trespass, since she had no business in the restricted part of the jail as a citizen and should have never been on the rooftop doing whatever it is she was doing with an inmate.

The county mayor said that, though mistakes do happen, for the most part inmates even trustees are supervised at all time. He says he will look into this and provide a more detailed response soon.

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