Spring means trouble for those battling allergies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Spring brings out bright flowers and nice weather but some allergy sufferers are already beginning to feel the impact, doctors say.

Spring started just one week ago but the constant sniffles and eye rubs because of allergies can already be spotted.

“We have things blooming and they bloom at different times during the spring,” Helen Morrow with the Shelby County Health Department said.

As Winter leaves the scene, trees are regaining life and flowers are adding color but the vibrancy doesn’t come without some consequence.

“We have certain trees that cause problems certain flowery plants that cause problems,” Morrow said.

Experts say allergy season is just getting started it hasn’t even hit full swing they think it might be a while before sufferers find relief.

“All the cars in town will become a lovely shade of light green as trees start to bloom and shedding on things,” Morrow said.

According to Helen Morrow, the symptoms are pretty obvious.

“The most common you will see we be a runny nose, an itchy nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing and congestion,” Morrow said.

She says though it’s beautiful outside at times and tempting to take it all in. If a person struggles with allergies, even a simple
joy could take a turn.

“The weather is getting nice and we may want to open winds and get fresh air but if you suffer from allergies all that does is blow allergens into the house,” Morrow said.

Doctors say since you can’t always avoid allergies medicine does help. They also suggest checking pollen levels daily to help keep people on top of things.

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