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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — Flames tore through a factory in Blytheville, Arkansas, Thursday morning. It was nearly burnt to the ground when fire crews arrived. You could see the black smoke from miles away as flames devoured the Motor Appliance factory. No amount of snow could save it. Chief Mike Carney of the Blytheville Fire Department said, “The fire was already out of control when we got here. There was no entry made. It was all fought from the outside.” Fire crews fought the flames with icy water once they could find the hydrants buried in nearly a foot of snow. Their goal: keep it under control and stop it from spreading to nearby businesses, as there were concerns about some dangerous chemicals inside. The snow and slush is making it tough for drivers out there, and emergency responders told WREG they had an equally tough time getting out to all of the calls. Gilbert Cavazos said, “February went out cold, and March came in colder.” Cavazos says if he didn’t have a truck, he wouldn’t have left home Thursday. He’s not surprised emergency responders had a tough time, too, since this isn’t the kind of winter they’re used to. “Everybody is pulling together and doing what they can. That’s what’s good about it,” he said. While they city and state crank out the resources to get everything cleared up, locals know to take it slow. Not even a massive fire could melt this stuff away overnight. Chief Carney said, “We just got to deal with what we are dealing with, as far as the elements go.” No word yet on what may have started the fire.