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HORN LAKE, Miss. — A large fight broke out in the McDonald’s located at Bull Frog Corner in Horn Lake Tuesday night.

Staff at the restaurant say tensions between rival gangs sparked the fight. One adult and one juvenile are facing charges, but people who have seen the video tell WREG they think more than just two people should be in trouble for all of this.

Video taken inside the restaurant is shaky, but you can clearly see kids fighting, throwing fists, and screaming, and the onlookers not backing away.

Michael Little couldn’t believe what he saw as he watched the video. He lives in Horn Lake and goes to that McDonald’s restaurant all the time.

Horn Lake and Southaven High School faced off on the basketball court Tuesday night, and police knew to be on alert because people who go to the game are known to fight after.

Chief Darryl Whaley with Horn Lake Police said, “We had heard there was potentially going to be some problems after this game either at the school or the McDonald’s. We were covering both locations.”

Police say they offered to help McDonald’s managers clear out the crowd, but they said no. Moments later, the fight broke out. No injuries were reported.

McDonald’s employees tell WREG the fight was between two local gangs, and this isn’t the first time they caused problems at this restaurant. Police arrested Anthony Williams, also known as Twin, and a juvenile. They don’t expect to make any more arrests, but locals are questioning that call.

“Just from the video. It looked like there were a lot of people in there fighting,” Little said.

Folks in Horn Lake say this kind of behavior is not what they want their city to be known for.

“Everybody who lives here knows that doesn’t happen every day.” Little said.

He says he won’t forget what he saw in this video for quite some time.

WREG reached out to the McDonald’s managers, but didn’t hear back. Employees expect this fight will spark another one, possibly on Friday night.