Lang Custody Hearing To Decide Who Raises Murdered Officer’s Children

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(Memphis) Martoiya Lang's four children are in a tug of war within their own family.

Their father, Darius Lang, wants them to live with him.

But in court Monday, Martoiya Lang's sister, Britneishia Marzetta, called life with Dairus abusive for her sister, "He took his fore-arm, threw her on the bed and choked her."

She described how she says Darius tried to run Martoiya off the road while she was driving, "She said Darius stop, stop. I got the kids in the car. Stop."

But Darius Lang's attorney challenged Marzetta about her family starting a website to defame Darius Lang by questioning his sexuality and claiming he was in a gang.

Martoiya's fiance, Chauncey Smith, was also called to testify, saying Darius Lang didn't spend much time with his kids and offered little financial support.

"The times he did see them, they would come back crying. Sometimes when she dropped them off at their grandparents house he wouldn't be there, wouldn't show up," said Smith.

Darius Lang's attorney said he was limited on when he could see the children since Martoiya had an order of protection against him.

She says Darius did send  the kids money through his mother.

"No I wasn't aware of that and it wasn't a lot of money," said Smith.

The head of the  police union testified Lang's mother asked for money after Officer Lang was killed.

He says more than $300,000 has been raised.

Martoiya's mom  took the stand saying she is financially able to support the children and doesn't need charity.

She says Darius mistreated the kids.

Two of the children were in the courthouse today, but not in the courtroom.

In an example of the intensity of this case, the judge talked about finding Martoiya's mom in contempt when he thought she had discussed the case outside  the courtroom.

He later apologized when he realized it wasn't her, but someone else.

The hearing continues  Wednesday.

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