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(Memphis) They filed into court hoping to walk out with a verdict in their favor.

Darius Lang, the estranged husband of Police Officer Martoiya Lang, hoped he would get permanent custody of the officer’s four surviving girls, three of whom he is the father.

Martoiya’s mother Vivian Woods-Taylor calls him an unfit father and is asking the court to give her custody of the children.

“I am somewhat speechless,” said Judge Robert Benham after lawyers said they were not ready to present their cases.

No sooner than they walked in, it was over, delayed again by both lawyers and the court appointed attorney for the children, who filed petitions to have their fees paid.

“The guardian Ad Litem has been appointed by the court and is doing a diligent  job without payment thus far and it’s been a while,” says James Sanders, attorney for Darius Lang.

The  issue of money in Officer Lang’s estate has not been settled.

The judge had also requested Darius Lang and Vivian Woods-Taylor undergo psychological evaluations.

Those test results weren’t ready for court either.

The judge wasn’t happy, saying the case needs to be settled for the benefit of the children,  who are temporarily split between the two families.

Darius Lang’s attorney said his client wants one thing.

“To be reunited with his family and to just be a family again with his family,” said Sanders.

The judge reset the case to Tuesday, March 26.

He says both sides need to be ready to move forward.

The judge retires from the bench at the end of the month and he wants the custody case settled before he leaves.