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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lance Sanderson sat outside East Memphis’ Christian Brothers High School over the weekend while his friends celebrated Homecoming.

The school wouldn’t allow his boyfriend to attend the dance; only girls from other schools.

That’s because his boyfriend attends another school and CBHS has never allowed males from another school to attend dances.

Despite the news coverage, petitions, and his popularity, the school wouldn’t budge.

Monday morning, an Administrator called Lance in.

“He started talking about the press was bad for the school and it was a hit for the brothers,” Sanderson told WREG.

Sanderson was then asked to go home.

“They said they had 890 other kids to worry about, and they didn’t want to deal with this right now, and I could do work from home and they`re not going to mark my attendance, but they didn’t want me there,” he said.

The school has a strict policy about putting a bad light on it and a strict social media policy to which all students agree.

Legally several lawyers told WREG they could do it.

It’s a private school, but the lawyers said it could be argued in court as discriminatory, especially since the schools own code of conduct said it’s a serious failure or charity and fraternity to use any words or actions that are discriminatory.

“They have a problem with it and they don`t want to say it that way,” said Sanderson.

The school wouldn’t comment on the matter, though school leaders said before this became public they had already initiated a ministry to reach out to gay students.

Sanderson attended a college night trying to plan for his future, Monday night, while unsure about his present status at the school.